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Watching Bambino again, i watched it more than 7 years ago. I forgot how beautiful jun in this drama hahahaha. Every time he smile or laugh makes me “scream” . Don’t forget when he was winking or when he was in serious mode while cooking something. Totally dead for me. 


PLUS the way he walked in the restaurant as a waiter hahahaha. Jun! Thank god i’m watching this drama again. I don’t know how i can watching this without screaming years ago. 


*but “We Can Make It” always on my playlist years ago lol


How about the story? It is a story about someone’s struggle to achieve their dream. From 1-10, i think i will give this movie 7. I like all the characters here. 

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Pic is not mine, sorry i forgot where i got this pic

It’s been 21 years since you enter Johnny’s Entertainment. Congratulations and i thank you for every effort and hard work that you have done for Arashi and thank you for introducing me to Arashi. 


A lot of people called you annoying diva and a bitch one, doesn’t have any talent and not worth it to be become Arashi members. Well haters will always gonna hate, but, i know that i love you! You are not perfect, but that makes you human. 


I know i’m not gonna love all your solo project (your next movie for example hahaha), but i believe i’m gonna support you. Once again, happy 21st Anniversary in Johnny’s Entertainment Matsumoto Jun!

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Arashi is five people. Without one of them, there is no Arashi. Arashi always said this and i believe in their words too. 

Why so much hate? )
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Read this question on [personal profile] kurisucchi page and i want to answer too! hahahaha

1. What year did you became an Arashian?
April 2014

2. Which member baited you and how?
Matsumoto Jun with Hana Yori Dango. But, at that time i just know Arashi and listen to several songs from them, that's it. I wasn't become a fans. How i became fans is another different story

3. Who is your ichiban when you started? And if you changed, who is your ichiban now?
When i became fans, Ohno is my Ichiban. But since January 2017, Jun is officially become my ichiban

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Until now, i still understand why i love this most awkward pairing ever. Why i'm such a DOM and become their fans. They have less interaction, not even eye contact. Never compare sakumoto with ohmiya, never or you'll be dead in tears. I falling in love with this pair for the first time when i watch Training Camp. "DON'T TOUCH ME, DON'T TOUCH ME" and "MAKE THAT PERSON NUMBER 5" are the one who makes me melted in sakumoto. 
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Matsumoto Jun, my ichiban! He is the reason why i know Arashi in the first place. Why he is my ichiban? I don't know. Mix between his cuteness, dorky, hard worker, master plan of Arashi concert (i work in production area so i really adore his work in concert, so brilliant), etc. I know so many people hate him, like literally hate him, including one of my friend in fandom. People said he has no talent, he has nothing, he only such a diva. You know what, i don't care! I love him, that's the thing i care about. 

M A T S U M O T O J U N )

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Sho Sakurai, what i love about him? He can become dorky, cool, smart, funny, sweet, etc. He has a lot of mask!

S H O S A K U R A I )

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April 2014 i joined this fandom and three years later i can't believe i still become their fans and growing even more. I can't believe i can go to Japan and watched their concert, i can't believe i can save money that much to watch Arashi. Are there any negative things after i join this fandom? Yes there are several things (name it, saving account) BUT i never regret that i join this fandom. 

I can met a lot of new people from different country and background. Become real friends in real life. Yes, sometimes Arashi become my escape when real life was hard. Watching them and make me laugh, laughing at them or with them. I love their music, that is the first thing that makes me their fans. Their concert is superb and make me want to watch it again and again. 


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